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Here are 5 variations of the technology that we are providing and following. The first three examples are ready for production use. The other two are alpha software in very early stages of development but are included here to show exciting possibilities for future application.

1. Our well-developed realisation of Belfast in Ireland is a fifteen sim build comprising roughly 1 square kilometre, it is linked to osgrid.org with access via that grid and hypergrid jumping. Osgrid is the largest independent grid in existence and is at the cutting edge of opensim development. This type of project would open your model to users world-wide.
access here

2. A 4 sim standalone with private or semi-private access and its own sign up process and avatar choice, brandable and embeddable in your company website. This application would be most appropriate for projects open to users by invitation only for example in-house training. access here

3. Access to a virtual world using the unity3d browser plugin these worlds have limited functionality but have the great advantage of being embeddable in your company website and running completely in your browser. access here

We are following the next items as they develop. WARNING these are alpha stage technology so they are only partially functional at rendering textures and are prone to crash in complex environments.

4. Browser based embeddable access to a public grid using tipodean technology. This is an innovative use of the unity3d browser plug-in to render an opensim built 3d world. access here

5.Access to a one sim build via your existing facebook account using kitely and amazon cloud technology to provide a virtual world on demand.access here .

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